Since the early 1960’s Santa Rosa Stainless Steel has been producing wine tanks for wineries worldwide. Being based in the heart of California’s Wine Country has helped us become the leading Wine Tank supplier in the U.S.

Over the years, we have refined our designs and fabrication processes to produce a wine tank that is not only extremely functional but robust in build quality. Every tank we produce—down to the smallest detail—is hand-crafted and designed by our team at SRSS. Price Quote Request


Red Wine Tanks are designed in a few variations including Closed top fixed capacity fermenters, Open top fermenters, Variable Capacity (Floating lid) multipurpose tanks and Portable small lot fermenters.  Typically designed with a Full draining clean out manway, Racking manway, Efficient cooling/heating jacket configurations, Temperature, Drain, Racking and Sample ports. Most red wine tanks sit on a Stainless Steel Tank Base high enough to fit a 1/2 ton macro bin for clean out. S.R.S.S. offers a wide range of options to outfit tanks. Tanks can be set up for the increasingly popular Auto-Pumpover function by adding an Interior Seed Screen and integrated pumpover line into the manway or top of tank. Price Quote Request



White Wine Tanks are similar to the reds but dimensionally they differ quite a lot. Stainless Steel tanks used for white wine fermentation are generally taller and skinnier. Since cap management isn’t usually a concern with white wine during fermentation a taller and skinnier tank is much easier for a winemaker to use to control temperature. Often serving multiple purposes in a winery, most white tanks are also used for Cold stabilization, Bottling and Racking applications. Price Quote Request