Portable Stainless Steel Wine Tanks

S.R.S.S. Portable wine tanks are easy to use, move and stash in a corner when not in use. Stackable when empty. Forklift and Pallet Jack friendly.  Perfect for small lots and easy to use for blending and bottling. Our portable wine tanks come in many sizes typically between 150 to 750 gallon sizes.

Standard on most Portable Wine Tanks:

  • 18″ Top Manway with 2″ Tri-clover Vent port
  • Glycol cooling or heating jacket
  • 2″ Sump style Drain port with Tri-clover connection
  • Racking port (Size TBD)
  • 1/2″ Threaded Temperature port
  • 1 1/2″ Tri-clover Sampling port

S.R.S.S. Portable round or square style stainless steel tanks can also be Custom built to meet your specifications.

Optional tank components available on most tanks:

  • Bottom fully draining clean out manways. 18″ Round or 16″ x 20

    550 gallon Stackable IBC Tote Portable Wine Tank


  • 24″ Top manway
  • Interior Seed Screen for pumpovers
  • Sight Glass ports
  • Floor Jackets
  • Racking Arm
  • CIP Spray ball assembly

Stainless Steel barrels are stocked in the 60 gallon size.  Smaller barrels are available upon request.

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