Cider Tanks



Stainless Steel Cider Tanks

Santa Rosa Stainless Steel manufactures tanks for the Cider beverage industy in a few diffrent styles to meet your Hard Cider needs.


Closed Top Fermenters

Used in a traditional winemaking style.  These tanks function just the same for making Cider.  Tanks are custom sized from 60 Gallons and up.  Outfitted with multi-zone Glycol jacketing, Bottom cleanout doors, Racking doors, CIP, Racking arms, Temp ports and top manways in 18″ or 24″ diameters.  Choose a stand height to keep your tank off the ground and easy clean up underneath.






Coned Bottom Fermenters

Coned bottom Cider fermenters are designed similar to brewery fermenters.  55 degree cones are used to get the best yeast extraction following fermentations.  Typically insulated and clad with 304 Polished S/S to create great temperature control.  Welds are usually ground and polished to #4 finish for easy cleaning, CIP and sanitation.  Tanks can be used up to 14.9 psi.





Brite Cider Tanks

To suit your Cider making needs these tanks can be pressurized to 14.9 psi for fermentation, carbonation, blending and serving.  These Brite Cider tanks are dished on the top and bottom, fabricated either single wall or insulated and clad.  Multi zone glycol jacketing, CIP process, PRV, Racking arms, Carbonation stones, Sample ports.  Welds finished to your specs.  16″ x 20″ Oval manway on sidewall and optional Top manway.