Have you checked your Tank Components lately?

Each tank manufactured at Santa Rosa Stainless Steel has multiple tank component options, it is important to check the quality and condition of your components frequently to ensure you are getting maximum use of your product. 

 We have the following items in stock and ready to be shipped or for pick up.  Credit Cards now accepted.  


  • Top manway doors are available in 6″,10″, 18″, 24″, 30″ and 36″ diameter sizes.  They open both vertically and swing side to side. An epdm gasket is also supplied.
  • Our round Full Drain bottom manway is 18″ in diameter and allows for the tank to be drained completely, it offers easy removal of pomace and is easy to crawl in and out of.  Comes with a full faced epdm gasket.  A rectangle Full Drain Manhole is also available.  It measures 16″ x 20″ and offers even more surface area for draining and pomace removal.
  • Dual action Oval doors are available in 16″ x 20″ size.  They swing inward, flip over, and swing out all the way outside the tank.  An epdm gasket is also supplied.
  • Rectangular manway 16″ x 20″ manways



We have a wide range of gaskets in stock for SRSS Manway lids.  SRSS’s Manway gaskets are designed to meet today’s sanitary standards.   Santa Rosa Stainless Steel manhole/manway gaskets are designed specifically for Santa Rosa Stainless Steel manways/maholes and may not fit if not an SRSS product.

Odds and Ends

  • Removable CIP spray balls
  • Variable Capacity Lids (with or without lifting arms)
  • Pump over lines
  • Racking Arms
  • Cross arms
  • Nuts and Bolts


Essential Business

I hope everyone is well during these crazy times.   Thankfully, Santa Rosa Stainless Steel is considered an essential business, we fall in this catagory : Essential businesses also include: agriculture, food, and beverage cultivation, processing, and distribution, including but not limited to, farming, ranching, fishing, dairies, creameries, wineries and breweries in order to preserve inventory and production (not for retail business),  and we are still open for business.  We are so thankfull to still be able to operate and though it is slow we are thankful for the business that we are getting.   We are taking all the steps to insure that the health and safety of our crew is #1.  We wish eveyrone good health and healing during this time.    Below are some photos of our team still busy during this pandemic!






New Year New Tanks

Welcome to 2020!  We have quite a few jobs on the board to start off the new year.   We are building many diffrent varieties of tanks so far this year and the assortment of diffrent sizes is neat to see.  Below are some works in progress.


The Unified Wine and Grape Symposium is next week Februarty 4-6 at the Cal Expo in Sacramento,  come visit us at booth P1812.  Our dedicated staff will be there ready to discuss future projects, custom tanks, give budgetary numbers and help you build the perfect vessel for your needs. Be sure to ask about our new Barrel Program.



Happy New Year.


Cross country tanks!

Check out this latest job we just completed for Nexterra Wine Co.  in Woodridge Illinios.

This job was for Nine 5,100 Gallon Fermenting/Storage Tanks with an overall height of 26′-6″, and Ten 8,000 Gallon Fermenting/Storage tanks with an overall height of 26′-6″ as well.

These tanks have a truncated top and a sloping bottm, each have three sections of 47″ jacketing, and 12″ high Stainless Steel bases.

Nexterra just moved into thier new state of the art facility, we were more than happy to help them fill it with tanks for thier wonderful wine.   Check out thier website at nexterrawine.com.




Eighteen 20,000 Fermenting tanks

We recently fabricated Eighteen 20,000 Gallon beautiful S/S Fermenting tanks.  13′ diameter and 20′ tall, with three sections of dimpled jacket, they are quite a sight!


Busy season is in full effect!

Twenty 65,000 Gallon Tanks

We just started work on a project with Vintage Wine Estates. We are building Twenty 65,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Fermenting and Storage tanks on site. Below are some pictures of the site and the A-frame and materials needed to start the job. 


One tank down, two more to go

In the previous post I talked about big things happening at Manzana Apple product, and well here it is!

This is a 375,000 Gallon S/S Storage tank, built onsite at Manzana Apple Products by our wonderful field crew.


375,000 Gallon S/S Storage Tank

Our wonderful field crew is in the process of building Two 375,000 Gallon S/S Storage Tanks for Manzana Apple Products.     These things are going to be amazing.  When completed they will stand over 40 feet tall.  This is not the first large tank we have already built on site for Manzana, they have been a great customer of ours for years.  Below are some progress pictures.  


Santa Rosa Stainless Steel builds tanks on site up to  700,000 Gallons.  Stay tuned to see the completed project.



Wivi 2017

Recently Nathan and I took a trip to Paso Robles for Wivi Central Coast 2017.   We love Paso Robles, such a cute town with so much potential.


We visited a few customers and I was lucky enough to get some great shots.




Always nice to see the tanks in use!


As always Wivi was great, lots of people, lots of products.  The Central Coast is the place to watch out for!







We are back from our Holiday break and ready to get to work. Our yard is full of tanks waiting to go to their new homes.  2017srss1



The rain clouds provided some great lighting for the tanks!



Happy New Year!