Cross country tanks!

Check out this latest job we just completed for Nexterra Wine Co.  in Woodridge Illinios.

This job was for Nine 5,100 Gallon Fermenting/Storage Tanks with an overall height of 26′-6″, and Ten 8,000 Gallon Fermenting/Storage tanks with an overall height of 26′-6″ as well.

These tanks have a truncated top and a sloping bottm, each have three sections of 47″ jacketing, and 12″ high Stainless Steel bases.

Nexterra just moved into thier new state of the art facility, we were more than happy to help them fill it with tanks for thier wonderful wine.   Check out thier website at




Eighteen 20,000 Fermenting tanks

We recently fabricated Eighteen 20,000 Gallon beautiful S/S Fermenting tanks.  13′ diameter and 20′ tall, with three sections of dimpled jacket, they are quite a sight!


Busy season is in full effect!

Twenty 65,000 Gallon Tanks

We just started work on a project with Vintage Wine Estates. We are building Twenty 65,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Fermenting and Storage tanks on site. Below are some pictures of the site and the A-frame and materials needed to start the job. 


One tank down, two more to go

In the previous post I talked about big things happening at Manzana Apple product, and well here it is!

This is a 375,000 Gallon S/S Storage tank, built onsite at Manzana Apple Products by our wonderful field crew.


375,000 Gallon S/S Storage Tank

Our wonderful field crew is in the process of building Two 375,000 Gallon S/S Storage Tanks for Manzana Apple Products.     These things are going to be amazing.  When completed they will stand over 40 feet tall.  This is not the first large tank we have already built on site for Manzana, they have been a great customer of ours for years.  Below are some progress pictures.  


Santa Rosa Stainless Steel builds tanks on site up to  700,000 Gallons.  Stay tuned to see the completed project.



Wivi 2017

Recently Nathan and I took a trip to Paso Robles for Wivi Central Coast 2017.   We love Paso Robles, such a cute town with so much potential.


We visited a few customers and I was lucky enough to get some great shots.




Always nice to see the tanks in use!


As always Wivi was great, lots of people, lots of products.  The Central Coast is the place to watch out for!







We are back from our Holiday break and ready to get to work. Our yard is full of tanks waiting to go to their new homes.  2017srss1



The rain clouds provided some great lighting for the tanks!



Happy New Year!

375,000 Gallon Storage Tank.

We just finished a very large field job, 375,000 Gallons, 40 foot diameter, and 40 feet tall.    manzana15

There is well over a mile of welds, all done by hand, and 46,000 pounds of Stainless Steel.

This tank was built by a crew of four, in just under four weeks.

Here are some shots of the tank being built








Cone top





manzana6Coming along,












Off she goes.

This was a great project, and we are in the process of making another as well!

Santa Rosa Stainless Steel can erect field projects of up to 700,000 gallons.


Project with Sugarloaf Custom Crush

We are currently wrapping up a large job for Sugarloaf Custom Crush.  Fifty Six Tanks total, Five 1,000 Gallon, Two 560 Gallon, Three 560 Gallon, Eight 3,400 Gallon, Eighteen 2,600 Gallon, Ten 1,550 Gallon and last but not least Ten 1,500 Gallons.  Sugarloaf Custom Crush is a state of the art custom crush facility, located in the beautiful Sonoma Valley, they have a wide variety of tanks for your storage needs.   We were happy to be a part of this project. sugarloadsugarloaf2sugarloaf3sugarloaf


Check out Sugarloaf Custom Crush at

Surprise visitor!!

Exciting (almost emergency landing?) sights this morning here at Santa Rosa Stainless Steel. Not often that a hot air balloon gets that close, so we had to pause and take a couple shots.


The lighting was right, the tanks gleaming and the clouds in the sky were perfect Happy Wednesday!