Custom Designed Wine Tanks For Every Winery

No matter who you are, where you are and how you do it, our vast range of wine tank designs can be built by us for you. Customizing wine tanks is our specialty, allowing our customers a unique hands on tank buying experience.

When talking with us about Custom tanks, you get to work with our team to design wine tanks that fit your winemaking style and vision. Contact us when ready and we can work out the details.

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  • Primarily used for red wine fermentation, winemakers that want to add a premier wine making style to their programs will want to use this style of tank.
  • Due to it’s truncated shape during fermentation the cap is forced to stay semi submerged and will break apart easily during rack and returns , punch downs and pump-overs.
  • The tanks can can be set up for automatic pump-over solutions with our proprietary seed screens eliminating sump carts.
  • Custom Top Manway Designs 24″, 30″ and including the 36″ diameter “Pivotal” Manway
  • Heating and cooling is achieved easily with multiple zones available. Two zones for heating/cooling on the sidewall and One zone on the floor, this set up gives winemakers the ability to manipulate fermentation to their desired style.
  • With our insulated version of the conical tanks, temperature control is even more efficient assisting winemakers to create a consistency in their wines. Dramatically reducing energy costs of refrigeration and creating an exterior that is clean and very appealing often becoming the showpiece of fermentation cellars.





  • Multiple use tank in the winery
  • Space efficient design
  • Standard 100 psig rated dimple jacketing or Old style 20 psig rated channel jacketing, Heating Floor jackets





  • Customizable with configurations for Red and White wine fermentation or Blending and storage use.
  • Custom stainless steel finishes available including colors.
  • Custom Top Manway Designs 24″, 30″ and  including the 36″ diameter “Pivotal” Manway
  • Insulated versions helping to significantly reduce energy consumption and costs and allowing cellar staff use temperature control to dial in their wines.
  • Custom jacket sizes and locations including floor jackets whether using Channel or Dimple applications.
  • Custom Leg Designs
  • Auto Pumpover Designs